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  An artist is the grand sum of their parts.  The small, sometimes ineffective morsels, coupled with the medium sized bits of momentary genius and the gargantuan chunks of fleeting greatness all sized up to who we are at any given moment.  My moments of exhilaration and triumph are coming to me faster now after years of floating in the abyss of standard, run of the mill ideas. 

   The work consists of what I feel like exploring at that very moment and usually commences after I scratch out a few "notes" out in the form of some rudimentary drawing.  I use this drawing as a blueprint for the structure or armature of the piece.  The materials range from Oil and wood to aluminum and steel.  I gouge and cut into and through the surface to create voids.  Other layers may appear or the wall is seen and then becomes part of the piece.  A propane blowtorch is used throughout the process.  The heat coupled with the chemicals in the oil allows for great hue alterations and unexpected effects that I can react to or paint over or cut into.  The piece is transformed yet again.

    The process has become more important as time goes on.  Gathering up all of the materials and taking the time to measure and meander through some mathematical precision to get the right image out in front of me activates the right channels in my brain so that I can continue with great cognitive enthusiasm.

  My work is both hard and soft, bold and passive, sensitive and harsh in its coloration, but above all it is something that evolves as much as we do.  As time passes our visual vocabulary changes and thus, my work will take on different meanings.  I want my collectors to enjoy the pieces in many ways and be able to interact with the art in any way they see fit.  Once it leaves the studio it is no longer mine.  It's yours now. 


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